Thai Curry Simple



In ChinaTown/International District
across from Light Rail/Bus Tunnel Station


406 5th Avenue South

(5th & Jackson)

Seattle, WA. 98104


(206) 327-4838



Monday - Friday

11 am. - 3 pm.


About Us

We offer our customers the highest quality, traditional Thai food. Concentrating on being true to the old ways of cooking styles. Thai Curry Simple is family owned and operated, located in Seattle’s historic International District.

Thailand is well known for its cuisine; which combines spicy, sweet and sour with traditional herbs that give Thai food its unique flavor. Here at Thai Curry Simple we select the best ingredients to make our own curry paste, importing our herbs and spices directly from Thailand to meet our high standards. With more than 10 years cooking experience we are able to combine he highest quality Thai herbs and spices with the freshest local ingredients to provide excellent Thai food.

Thai Curry Simple embodies Thailand’s culture. Our small menu is designed to concentrate on the dishes we love, that we know best and have spent years perfecting. We at Thai Curry Simple believe everyone all over the world should enjoy the cuisine from the beautiful “Land of Smiles”.

What the critics have to say

Number One: It's Awesome

The Stranger

this isn’t brain surgery, it’s just good, tasty Thai food

Seattle Magazine

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